Don’t ignore holiday visitation issues in your divorce

Many parents don’t like dealing with visitation issues – especially around the holidays. Sticking your neck in the sand, however, doesn’t fix the problem and only guarantees bigger problems to come. Like most divorce lawyers, I get the usual calls just one or two days before Christmas. And that’s where the problem begins. All courts […]

Flat fees and how they help in a divorce

Many spouses haven’t a clue as to what is a “flat fee.”  Having this information is very important.  If your plane is going down over the ocean, knowing everything about a flat fee will save you.  Well, not really.  But I think you know what I mean.  A flat fee is the cost of legal […]

Have you considered unallocated support in your divorce?

Divorces are messing things, and the finances involved just make things more tricky.  Good divorce lawyers have a mastery of the IRS code, and being that I thought I would be a tax lawyer (at one time), it’s this knowledge that provides some edge.  For most spouses, custody of children takes top priority, though finding […]