Can I use a sex tape against my spouse in divorce?

The very idea that a sex tape exists excites anyone within earshot. The news is filled with sex tape scandals. Just recently, Hulk Hogan and his wife were embroiled in a sex tape scandal where Hogan appears to have a tape with another woman by the name of Heather Clem. While the Hogans may find […]

I am in “default.” Is this bad?

Being found in default is not good. This means that the Court feels that you have had adequate notice of the pending divorce, and you have failed to engage in the process. If you know that a divorce is pending against you, you must do something (like file an Appearance). If you do nothing, your […]

Significant others in a divorce case

Many spouses have already moved on with their lives, even prior to filing for a divorce. Having a significant other is somewhat mainstream in the divorce process, and having this new person around is comfortable for many spouses and not unusual. Unfortunately, many Courts don’t see it the same way as many spouses, and in […]

Should I be concerned that I have a trial date?

Yes and No. If you don’t have a lawyer, and would like to hire one for your trial, you should have some concern. The concern isn’t related to the fact that there will be a trial, its more so attached to the likelihood that any lawyer will want a GIANT retainer, knowing that a trial […]

Getting a marriage annulled.

The Catholic Church allows for annulments, and recently they appear to be getting easier to obtain. They are allowed under the the following circumstances: (1) the existence of an impediment, like a previous marriage; (2) psychological incapacity at the time of the wedding; (3) an intention of your spouse at time of marriage to not […]

Watch out for minimum billings!

The term minimum billings applies to when lawyers bill their clients in minimum increments of time. For example, a lawyer may bill their client a minimum of 1 hour every time that lawyer is in Court. Or, a lawyer may bill a minimum of 1/2 hour for each phone call (no matter how short the […]

What is discovery?

Discovery is the term used to describe how spouses obtain information about the other spouse during litigation. This information may be financial in nature, though often it can encompass information related to custody and the children. Many jurisdictions provide for what is called, “mandatory discovery” where both spouses are required early in the case to […]