Holding the line on Social Security Benefits

Illinois appellate courts continue to hold the line on how to treat Social Security Benefits paid to a dependent child.  Continuing a line of caselaw (common-law), a new case, In re the Marriage of Mitter held fast by noting that Social Security benefits are earned (much like other forms of income).  Therefore, if a dependent […]

When divorce is a passing thought

Of all the spouses that meet with me, talking with a divorce lawyer is the last thing they do when wanting to leave a spouse.  There’s all kinds of activity in their lives that precedes our meeting.  They talk to friends, start dating another, separate finances from their spouse, and even sell a home.  The […]

Have you considered unallocated support in your divorce?

Divorces are messing things, and the finances involved just make things more tricky.  Good divorce lawyers have a mastery of the IRS code, and being that I thought I would be a tax lawyer (at one time), it’s this knowledge that provides some edge.  For most spouses, custody of children takes top priority, though finding […]

Hurting yourself by not wanting more – a lesson for moms.

Many mothers receive child support.  In fact, given recent divorce statistics, more than half the mothers in the U.S. have had a divorce, where child support may have been part of the case.  While paying or receiving child support is standard fare in divorce, an ever alarming number of parents create bigger problems for themselves […]

Why divorce law is important you – the happily married spouse.

Most people talk of the 6 degrees of separation between themselves and Kevin Bacon, though unknowingly they are also one person away from someone needing family law help.  This topic of law is seemingly the topic that no one talks about.  Worse yet, the person that needs the legal help usually never finds help because […]

Holiday visitation for divorced parents

Happy Veteran’s Day!  Sure, it was yesterday – but most of the country observes this special day on the Monday following.  There are few others that are treated this way.  Veteran’s Day, for me, also signals the start of the Christmas holiday season – though lets not forget Thanksgiving.  Many divorced spouses have a schedule […]

Moving on – Starting the case without a lawyer.

The idea of getting a divorce and moving on can lead to its fair share of anxiety.  The mixed bag of excitement and fear are common reactions when deciding to get a divorce.  Many spouses are hesitant, and by the time they make the first move in that direction, they have tortured themselves for months, […]