Not enough time with your kids this Christmas?

Many divorced or separated parents soon regret not addressing parenting time before the holidays. Often is the case that one parent or the other misses out on valuable holiday time with their children. This all too often happening is because many parents struggle to justify the cost and expense of custody litigation before the holiday season. The belief that addressing parenting time is always costly is false say many experts, and I agree.

Every divorced or separated parent should know that most court systems have an abbreviated procedure to deal with the setting, modification, or fixing a parenting time (visitation) schedule. These abbreviated procedures usually involve mediation, which comes at a fraction of the cost of full blown litigation and usually involved mediation or some other alternative dispute resolution process.

Mediation is the most popular of the alternative dispute resolution processes. Mediation can be monitored by the Judge, as well, so that everyone stays in line.

As important as the time and money saving aspects of mediation, is that there are lawyers, like myself, that offer parents discounted legal services (and oftentimes, a payment plan) so that addressing a parent’s schedule is easy, quick, and as important, affordable. If you’re a parent that feels like you missed out on some time with your children, reach out to a lawyer that can offer you a better approach that’s not so litigious and not so expensive. That way, next year you won’t miss out.

If I can be of assistance, email me or call me.

Paul D. Nordini / call or text/ (480) 527-9000


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