Does your divorce lawyer have the heart?


If your superman seems to be lacking the “super” part, you may have joined the same club as thousands of other spouses with the wrong lawyer. Nearly a third of my clientele came to me after being disappointed with the lackluster approach of their prior attorney. Why are some lawyers just not cut for the job?

Unfortunately, many studies and articles point out that many attorneys simply don’t want to be lawyers.  As students, they landed a seat in law school upon obtaining their undergraduate degree with the hopes and aspirations of making millions while living the social scene, just like they saw in the once popular weekly show, Ally McBeal. After law school, they are hit with the reality its more about reading, research and needing sales skills.  And, as you may have guessed, many don’t have the “stuff” it takes to weather trial work.

In fact, I just read an article that noted many current attorneys would rather be a hedge fund manager, screen writer, dog walker or comedian. They just don’t want to be lawyers. Those top paying jobs that they dreamed about only turn out to pay them nominal wages. They would or could likely make more, if they liked what they were doing.

After a brief stint in the Marine Corps (“brief” meaning doing my part in the Gulf War) and then 11 years at Ford Motor Company, being a lawyer was my dream job.  Loving researching, finding nuggets of information to solve a riddle, and arguing until I was blue in the face were all parts of the puzzle that made me the divorce lawyer that I am today.  Getting paid, is pure comedy to me, because if my creditors allowed me, I would do this for free.

But my situation is rare.  Just be sensitive that your lawyer likely is on the edge, and ready to jump.  They are tying their best in a situation they would rather avoid.  If you’re getting that vibe, time to change lawyers, and I’m ready for your call.

Call me, Paul Nordini, at (630) 306-6300.


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