Did your divorce lawyer forget Halloween?

I’ve reviewed a few custody agreements in my day, and I’m always amazed, if not shocked that attorneys leave out some crucial parenting time days from the visitation schedule. With the realization, comes the question, why do so many attorneys leave out holidays, like Halloween from the parenting (visitation) schedule? The answer is really simple.

Most parenting agreements only cover the major holidays, because the author of the document (whether that be the lawyer – or the Judge) doesn’t draft the document from a parent’s perspective. Even if the author has children, they think very little of the times that they themselves spend with their children while doing their work. What’s the result? You and your kids lose.

Many holidays (hallmark, faux, whatever) are days where kids are the primary benefactors. It’s a day about the little ones. This would be true for Halloween and 4th of July (at the age of 45, I myself am fatigued with fireworks – but I sit there in pretend awe for the benefit of my kids that absolutely love them). Some schools have the children dress up for President’s day. There are other days that are equally as important from a child’s perspective. How about book-fair day – this is a big deal where my children attend school. Other schools have festivals, drives, and or fairs that are equally as important and take a priority in a child’s life. Yet, guess who’s not there: you.

These special days can all be easily included in your visitation schedule. All you need is a lawyer that cares and one that gives this sort of thing the right kind of attention.

If you want help with adding these days to your visitation rotation, please call me, Paul D. Nordini at (630) 416-6600 as ask for your free consultation. Or, for more information, visit my website at: http://www.divorceinfosite.com


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