Why divorce matters to women not wanting a divorce.

Having read a recent article which noted that divorce touched 80% of all households. 80% seems high? Maybe not. The article was quick to point out that these figures didn’t point out that these were all divorces, but maybe a household was touched by a close family member or friend going through a divorce, custody or child support process. If you think about, most of us know of someone contemplating a divorce, going through one as you read this, or having just been divorced. Maybe someone you know has chid support issues. Why does this all matter?

Well, many spouses and parents end up with poor results, displeased with the process, or downright screwed. Family law courtrooms are filled with displeased parents. Reasons abound, but much blame can be placed on being under-educated as to the court system (and the laws), as well as, a very poor choice of an attorney. So many people keep their divorce a secret, and opposed to reaching out for help and information. Unfortantely, parents and spouses turn inward – which leads to disaster (on a divorce scale). And where men completely shut out their support group, women only confide to their closest of friends. It’s almost always like this, but does it have to be? Some say no.

If it’s a friend or family member, I can’t imagine you not wanting the best for them. So, keeping abreast with divorce information and the law is nothing more than locking away some good ol’ information for that talk over coffee where typically you would only otherwise offer condolences. That talk could be progressive, instructive, and in many cases, eye opening – if you had some information at the ready. Also, you could save your friend or family member thousands of dollars. Now – that’s real help!

Divorce touches our lives, in some way or another. 80% of us, by someone’s account. So, keeping current may do a loved one some good, even if it’s not your divorce we’re talking about.

If you or someone you know, wants more information about divorce, custody or child support, please call me: Paul Nordini at (630) 416-6600 or email me at: paul.nordini@divorceinfosite.com


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