Is your Divorce Lawyer equipped to be at the Daley Center?

Many spouses have approached me over the years to handle their divorce in Cook County. Just thinking about going to the Daley Center caused me to cringe. That vortex of a courthouse seems to chew up spouses and their lawyers with expensive, delayed, and protracted cases. Heavy dockets are to blame, but maybe more (that’s another blog entry to come). Avoiding Cook County cases is normal, or is it?

I’ve studied the issues (code for problems), for years, and have implemented a new service model that cures the woes of what plagued Cook County spouses. Taking on a Cook County divorce no longer has the issues attached to it that once created a problem case. The new service model is the key.

So, what I do differently is somewhat dynamic (love that word). I’m not going to disclose what I do, or how I do it – something having to do with propriety information, but I will say that if a divorce case in Cook County is like driving a car, I have found a way to mount jet engines on that car, and attach a few rocket launchers and machine guns to the underbody. Yes, it’s down right, nuclear.

Cook County divorces are now delightful, as I watch opposing attorneys dive to take cover as the juggernaut comes rolling through; and my client’s glistening smile can be seen from a mile away.

See ya at the Daley Center, and to talk some “smack”, if you’re up against me, good luck.


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