Thought your divorce lawyer keeps your secrets? Think again.

Of all things, spouses feel some sense in comfort that the secrets disclosed to their divorce attorney must be kept secret.  In the legal world, we call this privilege.  And while this is the general rule -no matter how scandalous the information, the rule is not absolute.  There are exceptions.   For example, at attorney can disclose a client’s secrets when those secrets are about your planning to kill someone.  So, if you are going to off your spouse, remember not to tell your lawyer.

That circumstance is certainly not the norm.  In fact, rarely does the issue come up.  However, many spouses should know about the more common exception to this thing called privilege.  The more seen occurrence is when a lawyer is seeking payment of his or her fees (or) when the attorney is defending a complaint against their license.  I guess if you’re trying to screw your lawyer out of money or out of their ability to earn money (by threatening their license), is all fair game and expect your underwear to be hanging out for the world to see.

In these circumstances, lawyers can throw just about anything out into the open:  a lover (and their name) that was a secret, monies that maybe you had stashed away and “forgot” to disclose in the divorce, or maybe more serious skeletons that you thought would stayed buried.   This is the kind of stuff that you don’t want your spouse’s lawyer to know, let alone your family (don’t trust that your spouse won’t spread the news).

Always remember, lawyers are creative by nature, and there is practically no limit to how bad they can embarrass or hurt you in the process of collecting their money and or protecting their law license.  While I’m sure there are good policy reasons for this exception to privilege, I just don’t know know why the general public doesn’t have this information.  As it pertains to choice of lawyer, this information highlights why spouses should avoid the “pit-bull” lawyer.

Overly abrasive types of lawyers are no more effective in court.  They simply piss off everyone, including the Judges.  You’ll be pissed off too when this type of lawyer makes Pamela Anderson’s sex tape look tame when they let your secrets out.


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