Why divorce law is important you – the happily married spouse.

Most people talk of the 6 degrees of separation between themselves and Kevin Bacon, though unknowingly they are also one person away from someone needing family law help.  This topic of law is seemingly the topic that no one talks about.  Worse yet, the person that needs the legal help usually never finds help because of the cost involved.

Attorneys’ fees have mushroomed into something that can only be described as insurmountable.  With hourly rates climbing closer (and sometimes over) $400 per hour, it’s no wonder that the family law courtroom has turned into a transfer of wealth system.  The result is disastrous, and litigants are not only licking their wounds at the end, but in many cases, having to file bankruptcy.  There are solutions.

Representing oneself, isn’t the scary thing it once was, and Judges appear to facilitate the idea.  One recent study found that in the next 5 years, there will be more people in California representing themselves than those using lawyers.  Other States are catching the fever, if for no other reason, out of necessity.  Making it easy for people to represent themselves in a family law case will ultimately save litigants millions of dollars in an economy where affording a lawyer is impossible.

Even though you may be happily married, you know a person that’s only one degree of separation away, needing help.  It may be co-worker, neighbor, or relative.  Let them know that you’ve read this blog and forward them the contact information.  We can help them, and not only are they going to resolve their legal issue, they’ll be able to keep their wallet in the process.  You may even get a thank you, after its all done.


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