Holiday visitation for divorced parents

Happy Veteran’s Day!  Sure, it was yesterday – but most of the country observes this special day on the Monday following.  There are few others that are treated this way.  Veteran’s Day, for me, also signals the start of the Christmas holiday season – though lets not forget Thanksgiving.  Many divorced spouses have a schedule that assists them to determine their schedule with the children for holidays.  Seems simple enough.

However, issues typically arise when the schedule isn’t so detailed (when it should be) or there’s no schedule at all.  Many arrangements only indicate that “the parents will alternate holidays.”  These ambiguous documents generally lead to argument and strife at a time when you least want it:  on a holiday.  There are solutions.

Preparing a holiday schedule is easy when you partner up with someone that has the right kind of forms.  Having the right kind of schedule to propose to your ex-spouse is also important, because it says “I”m serious” and “this will work.”  Additionally, the schedule can be used within mediation (if direct talking doesn’t work), or in a Courtroom to explain what it is that you want. (if mediation doesn’t work).

If you can’t procure an agreement (many parents have this issue), getting the issue before the Judge is fairly easy – though be it, you should have help with the motions and instructions.

Gorilla Divorce can help with this, and at a cost that would be a fraction of using a lawyer.  Until our website is up (which will be in about three weeks), just email:


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