Moving on – Starting the case without a lawyer.

The idea of getting a divorce and moving on can lead to its fair share of anxiety.  The mixed bag of excitement and fear are common reactions when deciding to get a divorce.  Many spouses are hesitant, and by the time they make the first move in that direction, they have tortured themselves for months, if not years, in the want of a divorce.

While getting oneself to actually file the case has emotional barriers, once you’re there, how to do it becomes problematic.  The old school and still very popular way is by retaining a lawyer.  Simple really.  Hire someone, and they will do all the paperwork, file the case, and get your spouse served.  However, its drawbacks are cost, loss of control (or the sense of loss), and you’ve added yet another personality into the already emotional filled room.  Is a bitter-sweet feeling in hiring a lawyer, because while the lawyer takes care of you and your case, the haunting stories of six-figure divorce cases has you wondering if you’ll have to turn over your kid’s college money to pay for the process.

The wanting of a lawyer is largely archaic, and more a fear based response, than anything else.

In today’s reality, the filing of the divorce case is truly a very mechanical and easy process.  Speak English?  Then you qualify.  The Court clerks have automated the process over the course of years.  That which could costs you up to three thousand dollars with a lawyer, now only costs a few hundred dollars and maybe take 30 minutes out of your day – if you only knew what to do, or how to do it.

So, here’s the secret:  Outsource the hard part.  1.  Hire Gorilla, work with our team, and within a few days, you’ll have the documents to file in Court.  2.  Take 30 minutes out of your day, and take the prepared documents to the Courthouse (with Gorilla’s detailed instructions).  And 3.  Return the filed documents to Gorilla to ensure the case is served properly.

This isn’t a form website, its what we call a “people process website.”  Real people doing the work for you.  Sort of like your very own legal staff in your back pocket.


2 thoughts on “Moving on – Starting the case without a lawyer.

    • So many ways on saving money on a divorce. Its a crazy archaic industry – that’s easy to get around, when someone knows how to do it, and willing to help good people trying to hang on to their money.

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