Uncontested case for $300, impossible you say?

There’s no real secret that an uncontested case takes very little of an attorney’s time to complete.   The documents as a whole can be completed in about 60 minutes, and the Court appearance will take a lawyer and their client all of about 10 minutes.  And, wallah, a divorce is done.  The reason why attorneys generally charge over $2,000 for that type of service is the time expended in client contact – meaning the numerous phone calls and client meetings.  Generally, these discussions involve highly repetitive content, and more so helps the client deal with their anxiety of being in the midst of a divorce, rather than anything substantive.

The Gorilla Divorce 3-Step Process to getting the divorce done removes the repetitive nature of client-attorney contact.   The streamlined process eases anxiety, all the while using the lawyer’s time efficiently in getting the job done.  The client still enjoys unlimited contact with the lawyer, and likely “better” contact that in the conventional law office model.  However, the fees have disappeared.

If you or someone you know wants to get their case done, with some ease, and save a few bucks (like thousands of dollars), reach out and sign up with Gorilla Divorce – “the biggest no brainer in divorce.”


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