Seriously, how do I get a divorce done right, but cheap?

Good question (I wrote it).  The only way to get a divorce done right, and cheap, is the Gorilla divorce system that I have developed.  I don’t think any other attorney would be willing to deploy this system, because it would cut into a lawyer’s profits and calls for a lot of work and creativity on your lawyer’s part.  It goes something like this:  you have a lawyer from day one, but the lawyer is in the background of the case (meaning your spouse, your spouse’s lawyer, and the Judge doesn’t know your lawyer is helping you).  So much of your divorce case can be done by yourself, so long as you can read and write the English language.  Your lawyer will be sort of like a coach through much of the process by drafting your documents, and giving you detailed instructions on what to do, and when.  Your lawyer can mail notices (of motions) for you to ensure it’s done right and timely.  In essence, for much of the process, your lawyer is actually your very own personal paralegal.  You can complete most of your divorce like this for $1,000 to $2,000 where otherwise the divorce would cost you $10,000 to $50,000.  Not a bad savings.

You also save big money at time of trial (if your case gets that far, as 98% of all cases settle).  Many lawyers would demand $20,000 or more for a trial retainer, but remember, this high trial retainer would be the case when the lawyer is NEW to the case; meaning he or she has to learn about all the facts of the case (and take the time that goes with it).  In the Gorilla divorce system, your lawyer already knows the facts, has actually done most of substantive work in the case, and can readily get up to speed for purposes of trial preparation.  It essentially becomes a situation of paying your lawyer’s hourly rate at time at trial (most trials are one – two afternoons, or 3-6 hours of lawyer’s time at $250 +/- per hour, so about $750 to $1,500.  Ready to think outside of the box and save money?


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