Suing the one that stole your spouse.

Very few states allow a spouse to sue the person that stole their spouse away. This type of case is called an “alienation of affections case.” These types of lawsuits are generally frowned upon by the Courts. However, many spouses find themselves gravitated to file these types of suits because of the strong desire to place blame for the breakdown of the marriage. Some spouses simply want revenge for enticing their spouse to cheat. Cheating has been long recognized in the United States as a problematic behavior in marriage. Recently, country-western singer, Jason Aldean, as well as, Arnold Schwarzenegger were caught cheating. Alienation of Affections lawsuits are available in Illinois, but one should be cognizant that those types of suits don’t usually survive to see a Judgment against the one you’re after, and the case will generally cost you more in attorneys’ fees than the case is worth.


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