How to achieve the cheap divorce

So many spouses complain about the heavy financial burden of attorneys’ fees in a divorce.  There is an obvious way around the blood bath divorce that costs tens of thousands of dollars:  represent yourself.  The problem with being your own lawyer, is that most people have developed an unrealistic fear about representing themselves.  The system as a whole has coddled this idea that divorce lawyers are “tricksters” just waiting to go up against someone that doesn’t know what their doing.

To the contrary, divorce lawyers are programmed robots that seek the cookie cutter results that they have seen in hundreds, if not thousands, of cases.  The results are always the same, regardless of the spouses and their level of animosity for each other.

Most people mostly fear the aggressive lawyer, or often labeled as the “pit bull lawyer.”  These types of lawyers should never be feared.  They are not so much overly aggressive, as they are abrasive to everyone (to include the Judge).


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