Welcome to Gorilla Divorce!

Welcome to my Gorilla Divorce blog. This blog was established to provide spouses with the secrets that are commonly known by divorce lawyers and divorce professionals, but largely unknown by the general public. These shrouded secrets are essentially what causes fear and anxiety in the divorce process, and the result is damaging to many spouses where the intent is truly an easy, low-cost divorce.

My name is Paul Nordini, and I have been a divorce and custody lawyer for over 10 years, and have come to know that many of the successes and failures of a divorce largely rests on a lawyer’s knowledge of the process, or the lack of knowlege. I now, give you that knowlege. So, whether you’re an attorney looking for unique divorce tricks, representing yourself, or you’re looking for assurances that your lawyer is doing all that he or she can, this blog will become a valuable resourse in the process.

Stay tuned, and periodically check on my general observations.

Paul D. Nordini


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